Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Massage is an art, the art of touch.

 To be good at touch requires a heightened sensitivity both on a physical and emotional level as
the therapist must be “listening” and respecting how the both the person and their body is responding to the treatment.

To touch with our hands and heal with our hearts
Is to renew the miracle and the majesty of serving
With integrity and touch

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage therapy can relieve pain, reduce stress, rehabilitate injuries, improve circulation, stimulate or soothe the nervous system, enhances body alignment, ease sore aching muscles or joints and create a general of the overall feeling of relaxation and well being. It is a therapy that is beneficial for all ages and can be used in treatment for both acute and chronic conditions. Its many benefits can help prevent illness or conditions before they develop.

Massage Therapists must go through extensive training, their education includes courses on anatomy, physiology, pathology, and neurology. RMT’s have the knowledge to provide you with a safe and appropriate treatment.

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What can massage therapy do for me?

Here are a few of the most common ailments that we regularly treat at the clinic that respond well to massage therapy.


Neck pain and tension can often lead to a tension headache which are muscular in origin. Headaches have several classifications including migraine, chronic, or trauma related. Your therapist will discuss your symptoms to see what type of headaches you experience and make recommendations to help reduce their recurrence and intensity.

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Shoulder pain and stiffness

This is a common problem as we use our arms all day, whether sitting at a computer using a mouse, swiping items at a check out or using industrial machinery, much is demanded of the shoulders. Often small repetitive movements are involved and this can strain the muscles and tendons. Massage will reduce muscle and tendon tension, increase circulation and improve range of motion. This will help to prevent a general muscle tension condition from developing into something more serious such as a repetitive strain injury (RSI) or bursitis.

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Back Pain

Our backs often become tight and tender from excessive stress from lifting, extended periods of sitting, or improper movement. Massage will release the tensions and allow for healing to occur in the injured areas, and the exercises you will be given will help to alleviate the discomfort and prevent further injury. Some conditions or injuries to your back can be severely debilitating and your therapist is trained to provide you with the appropriate care.

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Muscle Cramps

Poor circulation or tight muscles from lack of stretching or overuse can lead to muscle camps or spasms. A spasm is when a muscle contracts and cannot relax, they are forceful and involuntary. A cramp is a sustained muscle spasm, usually it is only for a short period, however it can be extremely painful. The most common cramps people experience is in the legs either in the hamstrings or the calf muscles. Usually the area that the spasm originates in can be identified and massage techniques applied to remove any knots and tension in the muscle and help improve circulation. If the spasms are consistent and there is no obvious cause then it could be from medications or other medical conditions and you would be advised to see your doctor.

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Tennis Elbow and Golfers Elbow

Despite their names it’s not just athletes that suffer from these conditions. Any repetitive use of the arm and wrist can cause it. Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis affects the tendons where they attach on the outside of your elbow while golfers elbow medial epicondylitis affects where the tendons attach on the medial aspect. Massage therapy is effective in dealing with these conditions and with regular treatments and self-care you and your therapist can work together to keep the muscles and joints of your arms healthy and mobile.

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Pre-Natal Massage

The body goes through dramatic changes during pregnancy and massage has proven to be an effective natural method to help ease some of those associated discomforts. The benefits go beyond physical as massage during pregnancy provides emotional support and nurturing touch that gives great comfort during this very special time in a woman’s life. We will work with you throughout your pregnancy making sure always that the treatment is safe for both you and the baby. For more information Read More.

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Massage for Children

Most of us think of massage therapy as something just for adults as it’s assumed we are the ones who experience the most physical and emotional stress. However, children’s little bodies hurt too, from sitting in school, carrying back packs, playing sports or playing video games, and just like us they can feel stressed out and just need to relax. In our experience most children respond well to massage, and often will get into a relaxed state quicker than their adult counterparts. We do require the parent or guardian’s permission and, most importantly the child’s. We let the child know that they can stop the massage at any time if they don’t feel comfortable. This is a great way for a child to learn about positive touch, gain confidence to say how they feel and to understand that they are in control of their bodies. We also are more than happy to share some techniques to the parents so they can massage them at home.

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