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Sue Robson - Touch Works London

Susan Robson

Registered Massage Therapist

My career as a massage therapist started in 2003. I had been a client of massage for many years prior and so I knew how beneficial massage was, but it was not until I finished my training that I came to fully understand and appreciate the extent of what this work can achieve.

In 2005 I established Touch Works London Massage Therapy Clinic. I feel so very fortunate to be able to work with other practitioners who have similar respect and love for the work they do, as this adds to the fulfilment I get from having a massage practice. Together we have created an environment that is professional, warm friendly and welcoming.

Building a trusting relationship with my clients is important to me. I believe it is the most integral part of any bodywork and without it the treatment cannot be as effective. I am very grateful for having found a profession that gives me such tremendous satisfaction. At the end of the day I go home knowing I have played a part in helping others feel better….what could be better than that.

Linda - Massage Touch Works London

Linda Pearce

Registered Massage Therapist

Linda graduated from The D’Arcy Lane Institute in 1994, after having earned degrees in Physical Education and Home Economics / Nutrition from the University of Western Ontario. Her passion for learning about and understanding the body and its need for balanced health has lead to additional training in Integrative Manual Therapy and Esogetic Colourpuncture.

This has given Linda a unique holistic approach to addressing each client’s health needs. Your first massage therapy visit includes a thorough assessment, posture and rehabilitation exercises, and an individualized treatment utilizing massage and manual therapy techniques.

Other services include: nutrition counseling with an emphasis on reducing inflammation levels and food sensitivities; self-care classes; and colourpuncture. Although colourpuncture is not covered under insurance for massage therapy, it is an excellent complement to massage and can be added to a massage treatment for a nominal fee or scheduled as a standalone treatment at a fee of $40.00 per 30-minute session. For further information, visit www.colorpunctureusa.org.

Heather - Massage and Facials Touch Works London

Heather Castator

Registered Massage Therapist

Heather graduated with honours from the D’Arcy Lane Institute here in London, ON.

Her work with a varied population of clients has given her the opportunity to treat a wide range of injuries and conditions. Let Heather help you with work or sport/activity related conditions such as: trigger points, headaches, back and neck pain and repetitive stress injuries (RSI). Each client can expect an individualized treatment plan to address their specific concerns and needs.

You will experience a massage treatment that provides a balance between relaxation and specific, focused therapeutic work. This balance allows a client to fully relax into the deeper targeted work, ensuring a more positive response from the tissues. When working with clients her objective is to help each person reach their goals of treatment whether that is relaxation, decreased pain, increased mobility or to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

While not massaging, Heather loves spending time with her family and friends, has a passion for cooking and is a long time volunteer in the community.

Judy Tofflemire - Touch Works London

Judy Tofflemire


Judy has been working as an esthetician since graduating from Pebec School of Esthetics in 1991 It was in 2007 after taking a reflexology course she became interested in alternative health. This led her to focus on treatments that help with deeper relaxation responses, which reduce stress and facilitate homeostasis. Homeostasis brings balance to the body and mind, spirit and emotions, therefore having a positive influence on one’s overall well being.

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