Aromatic Facial

Highly Relaxing Aromatic Facial Treatment

Revitalize your skin and soothe your mind with this unique experience. Our Aromatic Facial treatment includes profound cleansing, pleasant massage, harmonizing toning and moisturizing. Everything with the sole purpose of refreshing you from your shoulders to the top of your head.

A Smooth Relaxation Journey

We begin with a consultation. Usually, our experienced esthetician will simply ask about your skin concerns; As well for any possible treatments or skin care, you apply on your own. We will have you a complete form where you can share with us your skin interests and you can include details such as your diet and how much water you take, prescribed drugs or supplements, and products you are currently using.

When the actual process begins, we start by protecting your hair to keep products off of it. Our aesthetician massages a cleanser into the face and neck to remove any particles or traces of makeup. Using warm water paired with a facial sponge or cotton pad we remove the cleanser.

Then, it’s time to evaluate your skin under a brightly lit magnifying lamp (of course, after covering your eyes to protect them as well). It’s all about defining your skin type among dry, oily, combination, or sensitive.

Besides, At Touch Works London we pick the appropriate products and tailor the treatment to your specific need. After all, every customer is different and deserves rather than just a protocol, a personalized attention.

Discover The Positive Anti-Aging Properties Our Facials Hold

A facial includes a massage of the face, neck, and shoulders to improve lymphatic drainage. Afterward, we apply a custom clay mask to treat oiliness or a hydrating one to address dryness.

Touch Works London aromatic facials conclude with a serum and moisturizer with a concentration of assets that are absorbed immediately to deeply repair the skin.  If it’s daytime we apply the always trusted and recommended sunscreen.

It might vary from person to person. At best, get a facial monthly or for as long it takes for the skin to regenerate. We always recommend at least four facials a year (as the season’s change).  In some cases, you may want or need it more frequently.

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