Susan Robson, Registered Massage Therapist

Susan Robson
Registered Massage Therapist

My career as a massage therapist started in 2003. I had been a client of massage for many years prior and so I knew how beneficial massage was, but it was not until I finished my training that I came to fully understand and appreciate the extent of what this work can achieve.

After graduation in 2003 and until 2014 I offered anatomy workshops for massage students, RMT's and other health care professionals. The workshops were held at the University of Western Ontario's anatomy laboratory and were taught by two of the University's resident anatomy professors. This was a great opportunity for myself and the participants to expand on existing anatomical knowledge and helped promote a greater understanding and respect for the human body. I loved working with students of massage and this led me to develop and facilitate an outreach program at the D'Arcy Lane School of Massage. This program was designed to help the student gain confidence and experience in working with the public and also served as an opportunity for me to share my knowledge, experience and passion for the profession. Presently with the growth of Touch Works London, I now commit my time exclusively to the clinic.

In 2005 I established Touch Works London Massage Therapy Clinic. I feel very fortunate to be working alongside other therapists who have a similar respect and love for what they do, as this adds to the fulfillment I get from having a massage practice.

I enjoy working with people, one on one. As a massage therapist, my greatest satisfaction comes from the impact I have on their lives.

The following is the last few lines from Touching with our Hands, Healing with our Hearts, Serving with Integrity in Touch by Cidalia Paiva and is the opening page of The Massage Therapists of Ontario Code of Ethics.


To touch with our hands and heal with our hearts

is to renew the miracle and the majesty of serving

with integrity and touch.