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Linda Pearce

Esogetic Colourpuncture was developed by German naturopath Peter Mandel. Based on the person's constitution and symptoms, specific colours and protocols are chosen and coloured light is shone onto acupuncture and reflex zones of the body to encourage physical and emotional balancing. Each colour emits a specific frequency which has an individual effect on the cells of the body. For instance, yellow is used to encourage lymphatic drainage and green is used for detoxification. Colourpuncture is effective for most physical complaints, concentration and learning difficulties, and for encouraging re-patterning of thoughts and behaviors. Linda Pearce has completed the year – long level one certification in Esogetic Colourpuncture. For further information, call the clinic and go to www.colorpunctureusa.org and www.esogetics.com/english.

Integrative Manual Therapy was developed by Sharon Weiselfish Giammatteo P.T. With each client a thorough assessment of all layers of tissues in the body is completed which provides the therapist a map of the body. Because pain and tightness in the body can come from a source other than where the discomfort is, the assessment is imperative. This map allows the therapist to determine the most important area on which to begin treatment and so provide an efficient and effective way of creating change in the client's symptoms. The techniques are gentle and relaxing. Linda Pearce has been studying and utilizing these techniques for the last 17 years. For more information; www.instituteofimt.com or call the office and ask to speak with Linda.

Nutrition Counseling: Nutritionist Linda Pearce has been counseling individuals in nutrition and healthy lifestyle practices for the last 20 years, since obtaining her BSc in Home Economics / Nutrition. Her focus is on testing for and removing food sensitivities in people's diets, which create inflammation and pain in the body. Not everyone can fully digest even perfectly healthy "real" food due to problems with digestion, stress, and an overactive immune system. When inflammation is controlled in the body, swelling and bloating will often disappear along with pain and chronic tension in the muscles and joints. Linda provides tools and plans to revitalize and nourish the body back to full health. Please call the clinic for more information.

In Cosmetic Colourpuncture, wrinkles, scar, cellulite, and sagging skin are all a sign of a system in the body that needs more support and balancing. Acupuncture points and reflex zones of the skin are treated with coloured light to begin this process, with the eventual result of wrinkles and scars that are softer and less deep, better connective tissue support to uplift the skin, and a healthier glow. This, combined with an improved diet, goes a long way in promoting a more vibrant you. 5 sessions are recommended to see positive results.