The Top Six Reasons People Don't Get Massaged

Hello to our TWL clients! Winter has finally arrived and the shovels are out and no doubt those aches and pains associated with snow removal or our outdoor snow activities have also arrived.

If you are a regular massage goer then you already know the first hand benefits a treatment can have on those overworked muscles. The focus for this months’ newsletter is to reach out to those who aren’t familiar with the benefits of massage. Surely you know someone who has never had massage before and wants to keep it that way. Perhaps you also know one of those people who enjoy massage, have full benefit coverage yet rarely get massage. That got me thinking and in turn talking to people about WHY that happens. I realized that there were a number of common misconceptions or roadblocks that create barriers to people getting registered massage therapy. Here’s a list of the top offenders:

  1. I don’t have time.
  2. I can’t afford it / I don’t have benefits.
  3. I don’t have an injury or pain so I don’t need massage.
  4. I’m nervous about taking my clothes off / don’t like my body.
  5. What if I pass gas, snore, or get an erection?
  6. I’m too ticklish to get a massage.

Each of these statements are all valid in their own way, but; with a little bit of information, a change in perspective and a discussion with your RMT we can help. Here are some ways they can be overcome:

  1. Make massage one of your health care habits like flossing or visiting the dentist, SCHEDULE it in to your monthly routine.
  2. Consider booking a shorter appointment time (30 or 45 mins) or perhaps add an extra week in between appointments, for example: have a treatment every 5 weeks versus every 4 weeks.
  3. Don’t wait for the onset of pain before booking a massage. Think of massage as a tool; a preventative measure to help keep muscles and joints healthy and a tool to avoid reaching that painful state.¬†
  4. During a massage only the part of your body being worked on is uncovered, the rest remains covered by sheets and a blanket. Alternatively, massage can performed through the sheets or on top of clothes with modified techniques. The massage treatment room is a place for acceptance and healing, not judgement.
  5. Massage definitely affects the bodies’ physiological systems which means circulation and blood flow are increased, the bodies’ “rest and digest” parasympathetic reactions are activated and for some, massage offers an opportunity for a quick and well deserved nap. So although sometimes a little embarrassing, these reactions are all normal responses of the body to massage.
  6. A lighter touch during massage can sometimes trigger a giggle out of a ticklish client and usually a change in pressure can thwart that ticklish feeling. If there is definitely an area that you know can’t take, like feet; just let your massage therapist know that area is to be avoided.

Now that we’ve gotten some obstacles out of the way and answered some of those awkward questions, visit our website to learn more or call or email Touch Works London to book an appointment. Please feel free to share this newsletter with someone you know can benefit from massage!

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Yours In Health,


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