Direct Billing

Our office will direct bill your insurance company for any massage therapy services you receive from us provided that the policy you have allows for assignment of benefits. This means the policy has a provision that allows for the provider to invoice for the service, saving you from paying and then submitting for reimbursement.

Insurance policies vary so we ask that prior to your appointment you contact your Insurance Company to inquire about the coverage that is available to you. We would also ask that on your 1st appointment you bring your Ins. card with you for proof of coverage and that if you are making a claim with your Car Insurance to be aware that regulations require that we ask to see a piece of ID such as a Drivers License.

Should your policy not allow us to direct bill, upon payment we will issue you with a receipt that has all the necessary information required so that you might submit and receive reimbursement from your insurance company.

Questions I should ask my Insurance Company

Does my policy include coverage for Registered Massage Therapy?
In order to get reimbursement from an insurance policy your massage therapist must be registered with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Do I require a prescription for massage and if so does it need to be renewed each year?
If a prescription is required talk with your doctor or should you not have a doctor you can go to a walk-in clinic and speak with the doctor there.

When does my year start for coverage?
Most often it is the calendar year but some companies may start your benefits from the date of the 1st treatment you receive.

How much coverage is available and does this amount include other health care professional services such as chiropractors and naturopaths?
Coverage may be a lump sum, a % up to a certain amount or a monetary amount per visit with or without a limit. It may be that health care providers are grouped together and the amount is not assigned just for massage services.

Am I required to do anything?
You may have to sign up on your Insurance Companies Plan member site so make sure to ask if this, or anything else is required of you.

We are registered with Telus Health which allows us to direct bill for our services to the following Insurance Companies:
Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance
Desjardins Insurance
Great-West Life
Johnson Inc.
Manulife Financial
Maximum Benefit or Johnston Group
Standard Life
Sunlife Insurance

We are also registered as Providers with:
Greenshields Canada
Blue Cross
Health Canada Automobile Insurance (HCAI)