About Massage

Massage is essentially the art of touch. Through the manipulation of the soft tissues, massage affects the many different systems in the body promoting healing, improving circulation, stimulating or soothing the nervous system, enhancing body alignment, easing sore aching muscles or joints, and offering an overall feeling of relaxation and well being.

Massage therapy for the neck and shoulders

Neck and Shoulders

Neck pain and tension can often lead to a tension headache which are muscular in origin and respond well to massage. Headaches have several classifications including migraine, chronic, or trauma related. Your therapist will discuss your symptoms to see what type of headaches you experience and make recommendations to help reduce their recurrence and intensity.

Shoulder pain and stiffness:
Shoulder pain and stiffness are becoming more commonplace. With the advent of computer dominant lifestyles, repetitive movements, and muscular holding patterns can lead to muscular tension that can develop into more serious conditions such as frozen shoulder.

Related Conditions:
Torticollis, whiplash, bursitis, tendonitis.

Massage therapy for the back


Our backs often become tight and tender from excessive stress from lifting, extended periods of sitting, or improper movement. Massage will release the tensions and allow for healing to occur in the injured areas. Exercises may be given by your therapsit to assist in alleviating symptoms associated with your specific condition. More serious conditions or injuries to your back can be severely debilitating and your therapist is trained to provide you with the appropriate care.

Related Conditions:
Degenerative disc disease, arthritis, herniated disc, scoliosis, fybromyalgia

Massage therapy for the legs and hips

Legs and hips

A leg massage can be relaxing and invigorating; improving circulation and easing the discomfort associated with tired and achy muscles. Our feet are an integral part of our foundation and are often overlooked. Plantar fascitiis is the most common cause of foot pain and is the result of tissue fatigue and microtearing. Massage therapy will decrease the symptoms associated with this injury and we will provide you with the tools to strengthen and repair the affected area.

Related Conditions:
Pes planus (flat feet), brusitis of the hip, anterior compartment syndrome

Massage therapy for the arms and hands


Poor desk ergonomics and overuse often result in problems developing in the wrists and hands. Keeping your arms healthy and joints mobile is important. Massage therapy is effective in dealing with such conditions as tennis or golfer's elbow.

Related Conditions:
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, circulatory conditions

There are many other conditions not listed here for which massage therapy is recommended. Your massage therapist will go over your health history with you and discuss the risks and benefits of therapy. They also may suggest that you would benefit from seeing a complimentary health care practitioner such as a Chiropractor or Physiotherapist.

At TouchWorksLondon our first concern is your well being, comfort and safety. If you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail.